Frequently Asked Questions

What artwork file should you supply?

Screen printing “spot colour” work requires a vector image file created in a design program like Adobe Illustrator. Ideal filetypes include: .pdf, .ai or PSD.

Note: the file must be created from scratch; you can’t just place a jpeg image and presume that it’s vectorised.

What if i can’t supply a vector image file?

We offer a re-draw service for your bitmap image to be vectorised. We charge $50 + gst/hr for re-draws.

Can I supply my own garments?

You can supply your own garments however please read our disclaimer here. In most cases it is more cost effective for us to supply them for you due to our professional relationships with suppliers which mean we are able to provide you with low wholesale pricing.

Will there be a problem with the fonts I have used?

All fonts in your artwork must be converted to outlines or curves. This means the text in your artwork will be read as a shape. This means when we receive your artwork we won’t have any problems tracking down the fonts you have used in your artwork.

How many colours can you print?

We can print up to 10 spot colours or full colour process (mixing cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks). We can print photographic-quality colours using process printing and simulated prints.

The difference between screen printing and digital printing?

Screen printing involves separating the colours in your design, and making screens or stencils of each colour. Then using that stencil to apply ink in layers onto a product. Digital printing takes your design and prints it straight from the computer as you see it.

Screen printing pricing is based on 3 things:

  • The number of colours in the print.
  • The number of prints on the tee i.E. Front, sleeve and back etc
  • The number of garments to be printed. The greater the quantity the cheaper the print price.

Why do more colours cost more?

The way screen printing works we have to set a screen up for every colour in every print. The more screens the higher the set up costs.

What is the difference between direct to garment printing and screen printing?

Direct to garment printing or DTG is another process of printing. Unlike screen printing, DTG utilises a printer which generally eventuates in a less vivid print result. This process also does not last for as long as screen printed garments which is why we recommend screen printing whenever possible. We can provide both DTG and screen printing services however please be aware of the differences in quality.